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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes CNH Photography different?

What makes me any different than any other Photographer?  

I can assure you it's not the equipment that I use that makes me any different.. Its my desire to continually improve as a photographer,  My work has improved so much over the years and will continue to improve as I am constantly staying up to date with the industry needs and continuing to educate myself daily.  I will provide you with an experience before, during and after your session.. you just have to trust my vision & I promise you won't be disappointed!!  My heart and soul goes into planning every session, whether its a family session, maternity or even a newborn session. I help plan every single detail with you from the location and the specific shooting spots I choose to photograph your family and/or little one! I love all of my clients especially the ones who have been with me over the years since I first started by business! 


When is the best time to schedule my Maternity/Newborn Session?

It’s never too soon to reserve your session with CNH Photography!! It's best to get your Maternity session scheduled as soon as possible so we can be sure to get your session scheduled around 32-34 weeks along! I take a limited amount of Newborn Sessions per month so its best to book earlier on and we will get you scheduled based on due date, so the earlier the better! It's ideal to book while you're still expecting, I can't always guarantee a last minute booking unfortunately. However, if you've had your baby and hadn't had the chance to book yet please feel free to contact us at times we are able to accommodate on short notices. 

How old should my baby be for newborn pictures?

The best time to photograph your baby is within their first 12 days of life. This is to ensure we are able to capture all the fresh little details since babies grow and change all too quickly at that phase. Although not every baby likes to be curled up in the typical squishy newborn poses, doing your session early on does help baby get into those poses more comfortably. I know it may sound like the last thing you want to do when you first have a baby, but I promise you will not regret documenting them during those precious first weeks.

What if my baby is born early/late?

If your baby comes earlier or later than estimated, don’t sweat it! I have built in some flex in my schedule to accommodate for this, and will work with you to determine the best time to bring in your new bundle of joy.

Do I need to bring anything?

My studio is full of props for your use during baby’s session! If there is something you love from a previous photo of mine, let me know ahead of time. If you have a family heirloom or an item that has sentimental value to you and would like it incorporated, I encourage you to bring it with you to your session and we will do our best to work it in. Other than that, just the diaper bag essentials will do (food, diapers/wipes, and a pacifier if you use one).

What is included in a newborn session?

We’ll start our session weeks or months ahead of time with a pre-consultation. These can be done over the phone, email, or in person if you are interested in seeing my studio and products beforehand. During the pre-consultation, we’ll discuss the session process, go deeper into investment information, color/theme preferences, and you can even take a peek into my prop collection if in person! This is all to ensure that we are a good fit and that our vision for your newborn photos are in sync with each other. I want you to love your photos as much as I do!

When your baby is born, you’ll contact me and we’ll set up a date within 12 days of baby’s birth (unless there are extenuation circumstances regarding health, etc).  Sessions last approximately 3-4 hours allowing plenty of time for feeding and snuggles, and include photos of baby alone and with parents/siblings if desired. 

After your session, I will edit your photos and schedule you for your viewing/ordering appointment. You’ll be asked to return to my studio to view your gallery and pick out which products you would like to order.

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